Letting go

Most of us will have something, or more than one thing, that we don’t like about our past behaviour. Sometimes it can be hard to let go of shaming ourselves or beating up on ourselves for something we did a long time ago, perhaps even when we were still children.

Today’s practice asks you to consider forgiving yourself and letting go of whatever that thing, or things are. As we grow we learn and change and become new people, both in our minds and in our bodies. We are very different people now, to who we were when we did whatever the thing we’re holding onto. Today is giving yourself permission to let go.

There is no need to hold onto the shame any longer. If you need to make amends to someone still then today is the day to start making plans to do that. If you only need to forgive yourself then you can make that decision now. Decide now, in this moment that you’re going to forgive yourself and let go of that thing that you’ve been using as a stick to beat yourself with. Self-awareness is great and so is accountability — but there comes a point when it’s time to let go and move on.

If you choose to, make today that day. Let go.

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Joy bringer, writer, podcaster, mother of 5, colourful fashionista

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Taryn De Vere

Taryn De Vere

Joy bringer, writer, podcaster, mother of 5, colourful fashionista

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