Monday Meditation

This is a short meditation that will help open your heart and get you into an expansive space. Expansive energy is joyful, as it’s the opposite of contracted energy. When we’re in fear, we are contracted.

I found that deliberately invoking the energy of expansiveness helps me when I start to feel anxious or fearful. I have a longer version of this meditation that I do once or twice a week. It’s also a meditation about connection, love, and the power of your beautiful heart.

Practice being open-hearted today. Notice how you feel after you listen to the meditation. If you can, spend more time today in the energy of spreading your heart energy around the world. Invite into your life the hearts of all those around the world who can bring you joy. Connect your heart with theirs. Take a few moments to be in joyful connection with other open-hearted people.

I hope you have a wonderful, heart-full Monday.

(Font on the video is dyslexic friendly for greater accessibility)

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Joy bringer, writer, podcaster, mother of 5, colourful fashionista

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Taryn De Vere

Taryn De Vere

Joy bringer, writer, podcaster, mother of 5, colourful fashionista

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