Spreading positivity online

The proposal today is to try and spend your online time today only posting and commenting joyfully. This sounds easy, but in my experience, it’s really, really hard. I found this exercise illuminating in that I hadn’t realised how much negativity I was sharing and posting on a daily basis.

I’m a few weeks into this practice and I still find myself about to re-tweet or tweet before I catch myself. I ask myself, “Is this spreading joy?” “Is this a positive message — is it FOR something, as opposed to against something?”, “Is this tweet reflective of how I want to be in the world?”

I’ve been practicing the art of conscious tweeting. I’m still a learner, still practising, still finding it a challenge, but I’m getting there. For those of us who care deeply about social issues, it’s especially challenging.

I’m not suggesting that we ignore all the bad things happening or that we only try to be upbeat and happy. There are ways of engaging with issues and being ‘for’ what you want. I will take a subject I care about and try and frame a tweet that is FOR the change I want, as opposed to attacking the way things are or the people making decisions. I see it as inhabiting the vision aspect, the hopeful vision of the changes we want.

I’m interested to hear how others get on with this so do let me know in the comments!

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Joy bringer, writer, podcaster, mother of 5, colourful fashionista

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Taryn De Vere

Taryn De Vere

Joy bringer, writer, podcaster, mother of 5, colourful fashionista

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